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Viladomat-Aragó was born out of a great esteem for the landscapes south from Barcelona (Penedès), those that are on the shock line between the rural and the urban world. Many of the vineyards we work with resist, heroically, against the growth of industrial estates, highways and even the onslaught of history.  

After many years as a journalist, in 2010 I returned to the world of grapes, five years in California and five more in Penedès. In July 2021, the Viladomat-Aragó wines came on the market, complementing those we make in Garraf with Lluís Carsí, at Vins de Foresta (  

In Viladomat-Aragó we focus on the central varieties of the heart of Penedès, Xarel·lo and Macabeu. We always start from organic grapes  hand-picked and gently pressed. Fermentations are spontaneous  and the interventions, minimal: We embrace the special character of each vintage, we aspire to beauty, and as you can already guess, we put a huge enthusiasm on it.  

Every vineyard has a story and every day things happen: we keep you posted on our Instagram account (please make sure you turn on the translation from Catalan).

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